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Kara Hergils

Project Manager


+354 696 2360


Project Manager

Kara graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2011 as a dancer and choreographer. She has worked as a producer for Reykjavík Dance Festival in one capacity or another since 2015. She founded her company Trigger Warning in the year 2016 and has created and produced her own performance work consistently as a writer, director and artistic director.

Her focus has increased more on independent production and cultural administration in the last few years where she has collaborated with various local companies, collectives and serves on the board the various theatre affiliations. In addition to her independent work she served as a project manager and PR for Reykjavík Arts Festival from 2020-21 and as a PR manager in 2022. Kara is also a co-founder for MurMur production, opening its doors in September 2021.

Kara officially took over as a producer for Marble Crowd in 2021 after a good collaboration with the production of Øland, which premiered at the National Theater of Iceland in 2020.

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