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Five seafarers find themselves stranded on the shores of Øland, an island located somewhere between reality and fiction. As they attempt to recreate the world from memory they stumble between past and present, unfolding visions of a future in a shimmering post-decadent landscape. 

In Øland, Marble Crowd continues to attempt grand tasks through a collective practice of transformative play, creating an ecology of make-belief. Drawing from a haunting narrative - a motley crew of shipwrecked protagonists -  the island serves as a stage for reflection and longing; a shifting assemblage of people, materialities and circumstances, real and imagined.


"Paradise is an island. So is hell."  - Judith Schalansky

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Øland premiered in January 2020 at the National Theatre of Iceland to a great acclaim, and it was nominated for the Icelandic Performing Arts Award (Gríman) in 11 categories:

Best performance - Directing - New Play - Stage Choreography - Original Music - Set Design - Costume Design - Lighting Design - Sound Design - Actress - Dancer


It went on to win the following:


  Stage Choreography of the Year

  Best Original Music Score

  Best Costume Design

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"The avant-garde is a precurser to what is to come in art and Marble Crowd affirm that times will be good."

SJ - Fréttablaðið

"Postmodern plastic Baroque." 

BS - Víðsjá

"Marble Crowd premiered what was quite possibly the best show of the last season. Øland was ambitious and large-scale performance piece confronting the ecological devastation ahead, perhaps showing the audience what has already happened."

SJ - GIFT Magazine

"A highly political show, in my opinion."

SAJ - Lestarklefinn

"The members of Marble Crowd are both authors and performers; and while their performance on stage is flawless they must first and foremost be complemented as authors."



Concept | Creation | Performance: Marble Crowd (Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, Kristinn Guðmundsson, Sigurður Arent Jónsson, Saga Kjerulf S.dóttir, Védís Kjartansdóttir)

Visuals: Guðmundur Úlfarsson

Scenography & Costumes: Guðný Hrund Sigurðardóttir

Music & Performance: Gunnar Karel Másson

Light Design: Halldór Örn Óskarsson


Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic

Costume Assistance: Tanja Huld Levý 

Marketing: Kara Hergils

Photographs: Owen Fiene

Production Assistance: Birnir Jón Sigurðsson

Production: Marble Crowd

Co-production: Iceland National Theater.


Funded by: Iceland Ministry of Culture and Education, City of Reykjavík and Embassy of Iceland in Oslo.


Residencies: Kunstencentrum Vooruit Ghent, BIRCA Bornholm, Archinos Cairo.

** For a complete video of the performance please contact **

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