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Marble Crowd is a multidisciplinary arts collective based in Reykjavík. They have been working together in various constellations for more than a decade and their work has been showcased in various countries such as Iceland, Germany, Finland, Poland, Faroe Islands and Egypt.

Two of their more recent theatre performances, Moving Mountains in Three Essays (2017) and Øland (2020), have been received with great acclaim. Moving Mountains was nominated as the Production of the Year 2017 in Europe by Tanz magazine and Marble Crowd was also nominated as rising stars in Germany in Performance Arts. 

Øland was nominated for the Icelandic Performing Arts Awards in 11 categories and won Stage Choreography of the Year, Best Original Music Score & Best Costume Design.

The group consists of Katrín Gunnarsdóttir (choreographer), Kristinn Guðmundsson (visual artist), Saga Kjerulf S.dóttir (choreographer), Sigurður Arent Jónsson (theater artist) and Védís Kjartansdóttir (dancer).

Eyður Run Through 2-45.jpg

"The avant-garde is a precursor to what is to come in art and Marble Crowd affirm that times will be good" 

Sigríður Jónsdóttir about Øland


"Marble Crowd premiered what was quite possibly the best show of the last season. Øland was an ambitious and large scale performance piece confronting the ecological devastation ahead, perhaps showing the audience what has already happened."

SJ - GIFT Magazine about Øland

"The members of Marble Crowd are both authors and performers; and while their performance on stage is flawless they must first and foremost be complemented as authors."

Skandali about Øland

Spectacular pieces of art, which can sometimes fail, make the happiness of the audience perfect. To move mountains does not have to remain a utopian idea, as Marble Crowd shows thanks to a genuinely simplified collective way of working.”

Irmela Kästner about Moving Mountains


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