Marble Crowd is a collective of artists based in Reykjavík, Iceland, who have been working together in various constellations for more than a decade. Their choreographed concert Scape of Grace (2013) and techno-tragedy Predator (2014) both premiered at the Reykjavik Dance Festival, where Scape of Grace was nominated for the Icelandic Performance Arts Award. 


Their third production, Moving mountains in three essays was nominated as the production of the year 2017 in Europe by Tanz magazine. Marble Crowd was also nominated as rising stars in Germany in performance arts.


In 2019 Marble Crowd was nominated as Choreographer of the Year by Icelandic Performance Arts Awards for Moving Mountains.

Their fourth and most recent production, Øland, is now performing at The National Theatre of Iceland

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"The avant-garde is a precurser to what is to come in art and Marble Crowd affirm that times will be good" 

Sigríður Jónsdóttir about Øland


Spectacular pieces of art, which can sometimes fail, make the happiness of the audience perfect. To move mountains does not have to remain a utopian idea, as Marble Crowd shows thanks to a genuinely simplified collective way of working.”

Irmela Kästner about Moving Mountains


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